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Heres to you Entrepreneur …  your loyal customers … your friends, family and loved ones … the people that support you and stand by you.

If you’ve clicked on this then you’ve run into our first content marketing and social media campaign ( Translate to – Getting the word out about what we do and what our client-friends do. yes …Client-Friends )

Every startup has a journey, its usually full of drama, enough to write a book about  …a bit rocky, stormy and full of challenges and yada yada yada… blah blah blah.  Thats what every entrepreneur expects. Our story is no different, it was ours, and it was quite a  journey!

We found our passion for what we do and set up our business, over the past twelve months we’ve met some awesome people who’ve become our friends and our clients too. We’re interested in sharing the stories of our client-friends, other startups and entrepreneurs just like us. We thought our first campaign should be about people that took a chance on working on a new startup just like us, hopefully, someone else will see what they’re doing and do the same for them, give them a lucky break, try their products and services, or perhaps another person reads this, and finds their vibe… becomes an entrepreneur  …and joins us.

So here’s to them! To the entrepreneurs and startups that strive tirelessly and endlessly to reach stars and fulfil their passion, to those incessantly annoying people that want you to try their wonderful product or service, the ones that can’t ever stop talking about what they do cos they’re so goddamn passionate about it, about tech, about fashion, eCommerce, art, health supplements, wedding planning, and comic books . Its people like them that make the world a more prosperous, interesting and crazy place for everyone.

We’ve set out on a journey to help people fulfil their dreams and find their vibeTo us, finding your vibe isn’t just a clever way to brand our campaign, its something all dreamers that seek to touch their dreams have in common. An endless pursuit to reach that place in their mind’s eye. So whether you are a busker singing or playing a guitar on the street for loose change, an artist thats selling their art online, a coder spending late nights at a cafe coding away or a hobbyist that wants to share the love for what you love. One day, if you work hard enough, are mad enough, stubborn enough and obsessed enough …. You’ll  make it.

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We truly hope, #FindYourVibe…

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