“The traffic light is always Yellow.”

Its been over a year since we official opened our doors as Vibe. As a startup ourselves we are constantly redefining our approach to things based on new challenges we face. We’re refreshing our processes. We implement total quality management process that fit with our industry, think of it as Creative Kaizen.


We are managed by the people we lead

Inspired by the high-tech industry where organisations are lead by developers and engineers. We focus on being an organisation run by people that know their stuff. The people that lead our organisation happen to be designers, developers and creatives themselves. We put an emphasis on building an organisation and a network whose leaders are sourced from the pool of talent they work with.


We share ownership and responsibility of our work through our profit-share program. Our network and team have a share in our EPH( Estimated Project Hour) rates, theres a shared integrity, in the quality and accountability of the work they produce . We are a marketplace for our team and our network’s creative output through our profit-share licensing program we market the creative work they produce.

Workspace + Workplace

We believe how we do things is fundamental to the quality of our work. We are both a workspace and a workplace for creatives to develop their skills and a marketplace that finds projects for them to work on. we focus on building networks, nurturing talent and seeking contributors that can give added-value and insight to our projects. We are a hub for ideas.

Modular teams, and a diverse network.

To be more adaptive to change, we are constantly in search of new and innovative talent to add value to the project and the team. We are always scouting for new talent to blend into a new project in order to fuel it with new energy. Whether its a photographer with a bold new style, or a graphic designer that isn’t afraid to bend and break rules.

Project Management

Inspired by engineering and tech startups, our approach is backed by project management methodologies and ahead of curve the collaboration tools. Vibe seeks to create a market place in both skill sets and work generated by our CDTs, and our CDTNetwork, we promote work developed by people in our CDT Network

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

We’re not boxed in by our industry’s conventions, we take processes and workflows from every discipline and industry, we aren’t afraid to observe, learn and adapt from disciplines to improve and refine our own workflow.

Our Ethos

We are human centric.

Groups of Individuals.
Not cloned Sheep.

Open doors. New ideas.

Inner growth creates outer growth.

Change is the only constant.

Create networks. Build communities.

A community built by us and for us.

Seek inspiration. Look everywhere.

Making people happy.

Learn more about our Ethos here.