Launching The Vibe Marketplace

Vibe launches the Vibe Marketplace, a store for the creative community. A new platform on the web with a physical location in based in Bahrain. The Vibe Marketplace represents the next step in our mission to empowering the creative community in Bahrain. A secure, safe place for creatives to share and sell their work.

Currently in its early Alpha stage, the Vibe Marketplace is aiming to attract and sign up creatives, during the development and design process. We hope to take it to Beta soon with a stable group of awesome creatives that can give us feedback on the usability of the site, and also to help us co-develop it for full release by the end of the year. Early adopters will have the opportunity to give feedback on the service, and become key evangelists of the marketplace to support its growth.

We are also currently in the process of negotiating with third-party production companies, to take our creatives digital works and have the opportunity for them to printed on, canvas, t-shirts, phone covers, and other uses still in consideration. Stay tuned for more information and announcement in this regard, we have some exciting stuff planned.

We are really excited to announce our marketplace. We were at the IGN convention in the BIC to make our first public announcement.

Author Ali Mahmood

Ali is Vibe’s founder, he has extensive experience in consulting and business development, with a focus on helping SMEs set goals and reach their fullest potential. His love for music is key to his creative output and it has inspired his passion for business and creative projects. He played a key role in his university music scene through organising events and concerts. Ali’s last will and testament will most likely instruct people to bury him in a moshpit.

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