We are human-centric.

Work doesn’t create itself, people create the work, it’s the people that matter. We place individuals and teams at the centre of how we work and how we do business. We believe that the most powerful tools in our business are human intellect, passion and creativity, these qualities are at the heart of developing our services and products.

Groups of Individuals. Not cloned Sheep.

A lot of great things come from collective intelligence. We think that collaboration delivers more solid results and increases the cross pollination of ideas, that when people that are distinctly individual collaborate, possibilities are limitless.

Open doors. New ideas.

We seek to become an intellectual and creative hub for people from various backgrounds and perspectives. We believe learning different perspectives enriches us. We believe that creating a space that is open and that nourishes openness will yield strength.

Inner growth creates outer growth.

We are guided by the intention to create positive experiences and outcomes for people. Through empowering talent to develop and grow their skill-sets and widen their perspectives we can transform ideas through amplifying passion, skills and dedication. We make growth inside the workplace and outside it, a fundamental part of our culture. By empowering our people, we empower everyone around them.

Change is the only constant.

Adapting to change is part of the skill set at vibe. Perpetual transformation and reinvention, is a fundamental element that effects our work and how we work. We believe that change is the only constant in design and media. We adapt to it, we are a part of it, we contribute to it. At the centre of what we do and how we do it is knowing that we will play a role in something totally new tomorrow and that we should never be afraid rewrite the rules.

Create networks. Build communities.

We believe its important that the people that lead our team need to be capable designers, developers and creatives. We put an emphasis on building an organisation and a network that is managed by the very people that it leads.

Seek inspiration. Look everywhere.

We are always in search of inspiration, we strive to have an innovative spirit. We take the best management methods and creative processes from leading design organisations and software companies.

Making people happy.

We believe a workplace should be a happy place. We strive to keep things exciting, ignite wonder, fuel curiosity and inspiration and empower our team through their passion for their craft and talent. We will always make an effort in making Vibe a place that people want to be a part of, a place where they are treated well and with dignity, somewhere worth belonging.

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