From: 1,250 BHD

We craft powerful stories through motion graphics and video. We design media with impact through a process that we’ve designed to empower startups and SMEs with compelling video production thats good enough to compete with the big boys.

Production Breakdown

  • Pre-Production – Concept and Storyboarding
      • Script and Storyboard
      • Soundtrack Selection
      • Production Design
      • Initial Graphic Assets Creation*
  • Production
      • Live Action / Motion Graphics/Animation**
      • X2 Cam / Video Lighting / Audio
      • Crew X3
  • Post Production
      • Editing and Color grading
      • VFX / SFX
      • Motion graphics & Titling***
      • Soundtrack***

*Applies to motion graphics only

**Depending on concept and limited to production budget, animation demands more production time

***All production time is reallocated to production if a motion graphic is produced.
Soundtrack Licensing included – Additional soundtrack or International/TV licensing will be billed separately