The All New Vibe Wiki

Vibe launches the Vibe Wiki, a reference library and training system to streamline our workflow and speed up our training process. The Vibe Wiki will help us take quality up to the next level.

The Vibe Wiki, like most awesome products or services, was born from an identified internal need. As young company, we looked at our processes and thought to ourselves, how can we do this better? and how can we keep this attitude of constant improvement for years to come. We started of with the idea of guides and process charts, but that seemed too rigid for todays pace and our ambitions. In line with our value of constant change, we came up with the Vibe Wiki.

A Wiki. A living breathing system that is subject to constant update and improvement. We find a better way to do something, we simply update and adapt the new system. Any new information learnt, is easily and immediately incorporated into how we do things at Vibe.

A system that not only informs the whole team about our processes, but also acts8 as a suppository of all our collective human capital in the company. The Vibe Wiki will act as the foundation for us to be able to scale in size and handle our clients projects in the most effective manner possible. Our benefit, is everyones benefit.

Author Ali Mahmood

Ali is Vibe’s founder, he has extensive experience in consulting and business development, with a focus on helping SMEs set goals and reach their fullest potential. His love for music is key to his creative output and it has inspired his passion for business and creative projects. He played a key role in his university music scene through organising events and concerts. Ali’s last will and testament will most likely instruct people to bury him in a moshpit.

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