Vibe welcomes new members in their journey toward creative mastery at the Vibe Dojo Internship program, we’d like to welcome new members and congratulate new ninjas.

At Vibe, we do internships differently. The whole point of becoming an intern at vibe is to earn a place amongst the team, and graduate to a ninja at the end of your internship. Unlike traditional companies that have Interns go through an industrialised model of training, our emphasis is on treating an intern as an individual, taking their unique skill set, aims, and ambitions into consideration.

The current problem with training and educational programmes, is that they were designed and conceived for a different age. They were done so in the intellectual culture of the enlightenment, and the economic circumstances of the industrial revolution.

We live in one the most intensely stimulating periods in the history of the earth. We are being besieged by information, and calls for attention from an ever increasing number of platforms, from computers, to phones, to game consoles, 100’s of television channels, and advertising. And we are penalising ourselves and others for getting distracted by all this, either at work, or at school, or at home… and from what? boring stuff. The current models are sadly.. boring.

Unlike traditional companies, we don’t train and educate for the future by looking at the past, and the traditional ways of getting things done. We believe the current models in place need to be changed, and as such we do things differently at Vibe.

Come pay us a visit, and see how we get things done. 🙂

Author Ali Mahmood

Ali is Vibe’s founder, he has extensive experience in consulting and business development, with a focus on helping SMEs set goals and reach their fullest potential. His love for music is key to his creative output and it has inspired his passion for business and creative projects. He played a key role in his university music scene through organising events and concerts. Ali’s last will and testament will most likely instruct people to bury him in a moshpit.

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