“The Vibe Design & Media Hub is a workplace + workspace thats focused on creating solutions through design and media content that empowers the SMEs we create things for, and the creative community we’re a part of.”

Why do we call ourselves a hub?

We’re focused on creating an ecosystem built around clever SMEs. We want to redefine how design and media is produced and delivered. Our current and future services will be based on enhancing our capabilities and quality in delivering integrated solutions for SMEs.

What are clever SMEs?

Clever SMEs are the little space ships that are venturing forth into the unknown, they don’t fall into any category that is conventional, they’re incredible, with fresh ideas, lead by a team of passionate people ( 10—50 amazing people ). We also work with Enterprises, larger rocket ships that have a bigger journey ahead of them. We believe our little ship can help them venture forth into new worlds and new markets.

Our Story

The bright side – What if business in the GCC was done differently, what if a younger generation of aspirational people were put in control of their destiny, if they had the place and the space to do what they do best without a doubt, what if they weren’t held back? These were the questions we asked ourselves before we set out to build Vibe. Vibe is about creating a brighter place for bright people. So they can be what they’re meant to be instead of falling into convention.

We believe the results of building something like that will have a resounding effect in the communities we are a part of, that our functionally integrated solutions will play a key role in the economies of the places we work in, that it will influence other startups to take the leap into a brave new world where the possibilities, creating more good stuff for everyone. Our story is about us setting out on a journey to make the world a brighter place.


We connect clients with creatives that develop work thats relevant to their industry and projects.

People are at the centre of everything we do. Our clients matter, and the people that make great work for them happen, matter just as much. We put a lot of effort in growing their skill-set and talent and ensuring that our place is a fun place to belong to.

Hassan Hamad

Founder | Lead Creative | Project Manager

Ali Mahmood

Founder | Business Dev. | Project Manager

Rocky David

Lead Creative

Vinod Krishnan

Creative Ninja

Nora Murad

Creative Ninja

You + Vibe

Talented? Ambitious? Come work with Vibe.

Amshan Koonari

Admin | Web | Identity

Hussain Faisal

Creative Ninja

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